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Marker acrilic 4mm ONE4ALL 127HS Molotow

Marker reincarcabil cu vopsea acrilica, extrem de precis si rezistent la uzura, compatibil cu markerele si culorile spray din gama ONE4ALL . Culori intense, cu concentratie superioara de pigment, fara solvent, cu putere de acoperire excelenta pe...
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Data sheet

CernealaVopsea acrilica
Varf4 mm

More info

Marker reincarcabil cu vopsea acrilica, extrem de precis si rezistent la uzura, compatibil cu markerele si culorile spray din gama ONE4ALL . Culori intense, cu concentratie superioara de pigment, fara solvent, cu putere de acoperire excelenta pe orice suprafata, de interior sau exterior.

Marker reincarcabil cu cerneala ONE4ALL. Sistem fiabil, permite cel putin 50 de reincarcari cu cerneala. Varf foarte rezistent, interschimbabil. Cerneala curge uniform si controlat, printr-un sistem inteligent cu valva, patentat.

Culori permanente si opace, rezistente la UV (cu exceptia culorilor neon), cu aspect semi-lucios. Adera pe majoritatea tipurilor de suprafete: panza, carton, plastic, metal, textile, polistiren si altele.

Culorile se pot amesteca usor intre ele pentru a obtine nuante noi sau treceri graduale de culoare. Nu se recomanda amestecarea culorilor de baza cu cele metalice sau neon; efectul celor din urma se poate diminua. Se pot dilua cu apa sau acetona (1-3%).

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One of the most important manufacturers in the spray colours for fine art and graffitti market. Molotow introduced patent technologies, revolutionising the spray paints. Molotow is equivalent for premium quality and inovation.

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CodeCuloareDimensiuniStockQuantityPriceAdd to cart
MO227201Zinc Yellow4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227202Traffic Red4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227203Dare Orange4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227204Burgundy4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227205Shock Blue Middle4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227206True Blue4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227207Currant4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227208Neon Pink4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227209Mister Green4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227210Hazelnut Brown4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227211Signal White4 mmStock alert23.00 Lei
MO227212Signal Black4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227213Vanilla Pastel4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227214Peach Pastel4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227215Lago Blue Pastel4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227216Lilac Pastel4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227217Ceramic Light Pastel4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227218Cool Grey Pastel4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227219Petrol4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227220Violet Dark4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227221Lagoon Blue4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227222Future Green4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227223Amazonas Light4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227224Lobster4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227225Ocher Brown Light4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227226Sahara Beige Pastel4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227227Skin Pastel4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227228Blue Violet Pastel4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227229Neon Yellow Florescent4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227230Neon Orange Florescent4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227231Neon Pink Florescent4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227232Neon Green Florescent4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227233Grasshooper4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227234Kaca 077 Green4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227235Nature White4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227236Shock Blue4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227237Fuchsia Pink4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227238Magenta4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227239Purple Violet4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227240Calypso Middle4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227241Turquoise4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227242Poison Green4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227243Grey Blue Light4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227244Grey Blue Dark4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei
MO227301Metallic Black4 mmStock alert23.00 Lei
MO227302Metallic Blue4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227303Metallic Pink4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227304Metallic Light Green4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227305Metallic Silver4 mmIn stock23.00 Lei
MO227306Metallic Gold4 mmLimited stock23.00 Lei

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