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Marker Aqua Brush Duo Lyra

Lyra (see all products)
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CernealaPe baza de apa
TipCerneala pe baza de apa


Culorile sunt foarte intense. Preferatele mele dupa ce am testat toate marcile de pe piata. Peste Tombow care este si scump sau Ecoline


    Imi place

    Foarte fain! Imi place ca varful pensula este rezistent dupa multe desene si flexibil.

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    Producer with tradition in pencils for drawing, sketching and writing; the diverse offer satisfies the professionals, amateurs and students' needs alike.Renowned for its products superior quality, unique design and functionality.

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    CodeCuloareStockQuantityPriceAdd to cart
    FL6520002Light YellowLight YellowIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520005Cadmium Yellow LemonCadmium Yellow LemonIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520006Chrome Yellow LightChrome Yellow LightIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520007Lemon YellowLemon YellowIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520008Cadmium yellow deepCadmium yellow deepIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520009Chrome Yellow DeepChrome Yellow DeepIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520010Pale orangePale orangeIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520011Light OrangeLight OrangeIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520012Permanent OrangePermanent OrangeIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520013OrangeOrangeIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520015Saturn RedSaturn RedIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520017VermilionVermilionIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520020Permanent RedPermanent RedIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520021Pale Geranium LakePale Geranium LakeIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520022Deep Geranium LakeDeep Geranium LakeIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520024Rose CarmineRose CarmineIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520026Dark CarmineDark CarmineIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520027Light CarmineLight CarmineIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520028Purple PinkPurple PinkIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520029Pink Madder LakePink Madder LakeIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520030Flesh Tint DeepFlesh Tint DeepIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520031Flesh Tint MediumFlesh Tint MediumIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520032Flesh Tint LightFlesh Tint LightIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520033BordeauxBordeauxIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520034Deep MagentaDeep MagentaIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520035Red VioletRed VioletIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520037Blue VioletBlue VioletIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520038VioletVioletIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520039Light VioletIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520041Delft BlueDelft BlueIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520044Light Cobalt BlueLight Cobalt BlueIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520045Glacier BlueGlacier BlueIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520046Smalt blueSmalt blueIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520047Light BlueLight BlueIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520048CeruleanCeruleanIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520049Oriental BlueOriental BlueIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520050Ultramarine DeepUltramarine DeepIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520051Prusian BluePrusian BlueIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520052Cobalt Blue greenishCobalt Blue greenishIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520053Deep TurquoiseDeep TurquoiseIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520054Light TurquoiseLight TurquoiseIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520055Night GreenNight GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520056Brilliant GreenBrilliant GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520058Mineral GreenMineral GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520060Turquoise GreenTurquoise GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520061ViridianViridianIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520062French GreenFrench GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520063Emerald GreenEmerald GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520066AquamarineAquamarineIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520067Permanent GreenPermanent GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520068Chrome GreenChrome GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520070Yellow Still de grainYellow Still de grainIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520071Light GreenLight GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520072Green EarthGreen EarthIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520073Olive GreenOlive GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520074Sap GreenSap GreenIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520075Dark SepiaDark SepiaIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520076Van Dyck BrownVan Dyck BrownIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520082Brown OchreBrown OchreIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520083Gold OchreGold OchreIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520084Raw SiennaRaw SiennaIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520085Naples YellowNaples YellowIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520086Naples Yellow ReddishNaples Yellow ReddishIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520087Burnt OchreBurnt OchreIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520089Mars RedMars RedIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520090Venetian RedVenetian RedIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520091Pompeian RedPompeian RedIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520092Indian RedIndian RedIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520093Burnt CarmineBurnt CarmineIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520094PurplePurpleIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520095Cold grey lightCold grey lightIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520096Cold Silver GreyCold Silver GreyIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520097Cold grey mediumCold grey mediumIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520098Cold Grey DeepCold Grey DeepIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520099BlackBlackIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520100Neutral Grey LightNeutral Grey LightIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520195Warm Light GreyWarm Light GreyIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520196Warm Grey SilverWarm Grey SilverIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520197Warm Grey MediumWarm Grey MediumIn stock10.00 Lei
    FL6520198Warm Grey DeepWarm Grey DeepIn stock10.00 Lei

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