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Culori gravura Caligo

Caligo Safe Wash sunt cernelurivegetale pentru gravura pe baza de ulei care pot fi curatate cu usurinta si insiguranta cu sapun si apa. Nu aveti nevoie de solventi. Acest tip de cerneluriau aceleasi caracteristici ca si cernelurile in relief...
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Confectiune Bucata
Tehnica Gravura

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Caligo Safe Wash sunt cernelurivegetale pentru gravura pe baza de ulei care pot fi curatate cu usurinta si insiguranta cu sapun si apa. Nu aveti nevoie de solventi. Acest tip de cerneluriau aceleasi caracteristici ca si cernelurile in relief traditionale pe baza deulei. Sunt ideale pentru toate tipurile de gravura intaglio. Un avantaj real in cazul acestor cerneluri este faptul ca le puteti folosi impreuna cumajoritatea mediilor pentru gravura deja existente pe piata.Producator: Cranfield Colors, Anglia.

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Code Culoare Marime Stock Quantity Price Add to cart
WTCN83840Extender75 mlLimited stock58.00 Lei
WTCI83840Extender250 mlLa comanda87.01 Lei
WTCH83840Extender500 mlLimited stock167.50 Lei
WTCN83838Opaque WhiteOpaque White75 mlLa comanda56.12 Lei
WTCI83838Opaque WhiteOpaque White250 mlLa comanda89.54 Lei
WTCH83838Opaque WhiteOpaque White500 mlIn stock158.27 Lei
YLCN91779Process Yellow (Arylide)Process Yellow (Arylide)75 mlLimited stock59.90 Lei
YLCI91779Process Yellow (Arylide)Process Yellow (Arylide)250 mlLa comanda99.00 Lei
YLCH91779Process Yellow (Arylide)Process Yellow (Arylide)500 mlLa comanda189.50 Lei
YLCN91780Diarylide YellowDiarylide Yellow75 mlLimited stock59.27 Lei
YLCI91780Diarylide YellowDiarylide Yellow250 mlLa comanda106.56 Lei
YLCH91780Diarylide YellowDiarylide Yellow500 mlLimited stock200.00 Lei
RDCN63599Napthol RedNapthol Red75 mlLa comanda59.90 Lei
RDCI63599Napthol RedNapthol Red250 mlLa comanda104.04 Lei
RDCH63599Napthol RedNapthol Red500 mlLimited stock194.51 Lei
RDCN63602Rubine RedRubine Red75 mlLimited stock61.78 Lei
RDCI63602Rubine RedRubine Red250 mlLa comanda104.04 Lei
RDCH63602Rubine RedRubine Red500 mlLimited stock205.50 Lei
RDCN63601Process Red (Magenta)Process Red (Magenta)75 mlLa comanda79.44 Lei
RDCI63601Process Red (Magenta)Process Red (Magenta)250 mlLimited stock147.55 Lei
RDCH63601Process Red (Magenta)Process Red (Magenta)500 mlLa comanda293.50 Lei
VLCN71204Carbazole VioletCarbazole Violet75 mlLimited stock78.83 Lei
VLCI71204Carbazole VioletCarbazole Violet250 mlLa comanda149.44 Lei
VLCH71204Carbazole VioletCarbazole Violet500 mlLa comanda271.50 Lei
BLCI24914UltramarineUltramarine250 mlLimited stock104.04 Lei
BLCH24914UltramarineUltramarine500 mlLimited stock184.12 Lei
BLCN24911Process Blue (Cyan)Process Blue (Cyan)75 mlLimited stock59.27 Lei
BLCI24911Process Blue (Cyan)Process Blue (Cyan)250 mlLa comanda98.37 Lei
BLCH24911Process Blue (Cyan)Process Blue (Cyan)500 mlLa comanda192.50 Lei
BLCH24915Prussian BluePrussian Blue500 mlLa comanda203.00 Lei
BLCN24915Prussian BluePrussian Blue75 mlLa comanda56.75 Lei
BLCI24915Prussian BluePrussian Blue250 mlLa comanda97.10 Lei
GRCN43171Phthalo GreenPhthalo Green75 mlLa comanda68.73 Lei
GRCI43171Phthalo GreenPhthalo Green250 mlLa comanda120.43 Lei
GRCH43171Phthalo GreenPhthalo Green500 mlLa comanda242.00 Lei
YLCN91782Yellow OchreYellow Ochre75 mlLimited stock54.86 Lei
YLCI91782Yellow OchreYellow Ochre250 mlLa comanda92.06 Lei
YLCH91782Yellow OchreYellow Ochre500 mlLimited stock177.50 Lei
BRCN32284SepiaSepia75 mlLa comanda56.12 Lei
BRCI32284SepiaSepia250 mlLa comanda89.54 Lei
BRCH32284SepiaSepia500 mlLimited stock180.00 Lei
BKCN1945Blue BlackBlue Black75 mlLa comanda55.49 Lei
BKCI1945Blue BlackBlue Black250 mlLa comanda89.54 Lei
BKCH1945Blue BlackBlue Black500 mlLa comanda186.50 Lei
BKCN1944Brown BlackBrown Black75 mlLa comanda55.49 Lei
BKCI1944Brown BlackBrown Black250 mlLa comanda88.90 Lei
BKCH1944Brown BlackBrown Black500 mlLimited stock185.20 Lei
BKCN1943Carbon BlackCarbon Black75 mlLa comanda62.00 Lei
BKCI1943Carbon BlackCarbon Black250 mlLa comanda88.90 Lei
BKCH1943Carbon BlackCarbon Black500 mlIn stock154.49 Lei

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