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Product return

Products return

You can ask to return products in the following situations:

Delivered products does not correspond to the online specifications. You can ask to return the product for replacement or full amount reinbursement (in case the product is no longer available in stock).

Non-functional product in the first 48 working hours after receipt. If the product you bought was delivered non-functional or it presents manufacturing faults, it will be replaced with a functional product, after writter notification on email or fax.

Product received in broken package. We recommend to refuse the receipt of products delivered by express courier, which present visible signs of deterioration. For proofs, the package can be photographed and a recording of the case can be written together with the representative of express courier services. The risk of product loss or deterioration will be fully transferred to you when you accept such a delivery. Any subsequent complaint will not be taken into account. In case the customer requests delivery by other express courier service, the risk is transferred to the chosen express courier servce provider.

Product delivered in error. In case the delivered product is diverse from the ordered product.

The return costs for the situation above (except purchase resignation) are due to PictorShop.

The return requests need to be written and sent to [email protected] by email or 0240 510388 by fax, within 48 hours from the order’s recepit.

In all the cases mentioned above, except the case of faulty products within warranty, the products need to be returned in the same condition the products were delivered, in original packaging and accompanied by all accessories and original documents. In case of product deterioration or return in a condition that makes their reselling impossible, the product return could refused.

Purchase withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from a purchasing contract, without justification and without bearing additional charges but the charges mentioned in the 13th article (3) and 14th article of G.U.O number 34/2014, within 14 days starting from the receipt of the product. The buyer is charged for delivery of the returned goods.

Purchase withdrawal is applicable only to physical persons and only for products delivered by express courier.

In case products are purchased from a physical store, or the purchase is made by a legal person (disregarding the delivery method), the return deadline is 5 days. Under special circumstances, the seller can accept returns after 5 days from purchase, but the buyer will be chaged between 10% and 25% of the returned product’s value.

The products need to be returned within 5 days from the receipt of return confirmation.

The product needs to be returned in same condition as delivered (original packing, with all accessories, untorn labels and accompaning documents). Returned products which present physical alterations, hits, scratches, socks, marks of excessive and/or unauthorised interventions etc. will not be accepted.

Contracts within the following categories cannot be denounced:

a.  Products which present physical alternations, hits, scratches, socks (not notified within the first 48 hours after product receipt). A new product is delivered after the receipt and check of the returned product, within 14 days;

b. Goods on special orders;

c. Small or large, used, installed or with usage marks equipments

d. The supply of digital content, which is not delivered on a material support

The buyer has to inform the seller regarding his/her decision to withdraw from a contract in written, by email at [email protected] , by mail at S.C. LUCAS IMPEX S.R.L., Tulcea, 44 Elizeului Street, or by fax at 0240 510388.

Within 48 working hours from the notification’s delivery, the buyer receives a receipt confirmation and details regarding his/her request.

Return and express courier delivery costs for the returned product are charged to the buyer, if he/she withdraws from the purchase within 14 days from the product’s receipt.

In case the returned product is in a condition with makes impossible its reselling as a new item, the seller will charge a fee to rehabilitate (if possible) the returned product or to cover the price difference between the sale of the product in second-hand and new condition. Alternatively, the product can be returned again to the buyer, the later being charged again for express courier delivery service.

Reimbursement is due in up to 14 days from the moment the buyer withdraws from purchase and notices the seller; disregarding the payment method used to purchase the product, the reimbursement is transferred to the buyer by wire transfer.