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About us

For the artist in you

We believe there is an artist inside each of us, no matter the professional  background, age or expression mean. We are here for you, either you are a professional artist, amateur or beginner, either you exactly what you look for or you have a vague idea.

PictorShop offers you, no matter the level of your abilities, the tools and informations that can help you to shape your creativity potential.


PictorShop briefly

  • 30 people always ready to find solutions for your needs

  • 4 brick-and-mortar stores, up to 800sqm, in Bucharest, Constanta si Tulcea

  • 1.000sqm storage floor, for stocking over 25.000 items

  • 2 owned production workshops, in which we manufacture stretched canvases, easels, icon painting panels and painting frames

Trusted brands, quality and innovation

In the process of selecting our product offering, we choose the manufacturer which guarantee quality, innovation and recognition. Maimeri, Winsor & Newton, Cretacolor, Mabef, Michael Harding or Lyra are just a few examples.  

We look to constantly update our portfolio of products with the latest innovations in the artists’ field; paints or tools what are using the latest technologies or that are simply popular throughout artists, wide-world.

Our objective is to offer a wide range of products, from which you can choose the best product to satisfy your needs. If you cannot find something you are after, just let us know and we will do our best to find the best solution for you!

Customer testimonials

The over 20 year experience helps us understand you and find the most suitable solutions. We listen to you carefully and try to do our best to make the impossible possible. We are appreciated for what we are doing, because we are driven by passion.

“Interesting offers, accessible pricing, quality and honest prices, wide range of products.

Stoian Andrei Stefan

“The best supplied and largest art and craft store.

Luciana Avramiuc