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Cerneala acrilica FW Daler Rowney

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price:from 28,00 lei

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TehnicaDesen, caligrafie
TipCerneala acrilica

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CodeCuloareMarimeCod culoareStockQuantityPriceAdd to cart
FL160029011WhiteWhite 29.5 mlPW6In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029651Lemon YellowLemon Yellow 29.5 mlPY3In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029607Brilliant YellowBrilliant Yellow 29.5 mlPY83, PY74In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029643Indian YellowIndian Yellow 29.5 mlPY83, PR9In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029687Flame OrangeFlame Orange 29.5 mlPY83, PR9In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029567ScarletScarlet 29.5 mlPR112, PY83In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029517Flame RedFlame Red 29.5 mlPR112In stock28.50 Lei
FL160029513CrimsonCrimson 29.5 mlPR5, PR122In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029578Portrait PinkPortrait Pink 29.5 ml PR112, PY3, PBk7, PW6, PY74In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029437Purple LakePurple Lake 29.5 mlPV23, PR122In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029454Velvet VioletVelvet Violet 29.5 mlPW6 + Mica, PV19In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029127IndigoIndigo 29.5 mlPB15, PR122, PBk7In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029119Rowney BlueRowney Blue 29.5 mlPB15:3In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029151Marine BlueMarine Blue 29.5 mlPG7In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029134Prussian Blue HuePrussian Blue Hue 29.5 mlPG7, PBk7, PB15:3In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029145TurqouiseTurqouise 29.5 mlPG7, PB15:3In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029335Emerald GreenEmerald Green 29.5 mlPY3, PG36, PW6In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029375Sap GreenSap Green 29.5 mlPY3, PBk7, PG7, PY74In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029348Light GreenLight Green 29.5 mlPY3, PG7, PW6, PY74In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029326Dark GreenDark Green 29.5 mlPG7In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029363Olive GreenOlive Green 29.5 ml PY3, PBk7, PG7, PY74In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029663Yellow OchreYellow Ochre 29.5 ml PW6, PBk7, PY83In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029667Raw SiennaRaw Sienna 29.5 ml PY3, PR112, PBk7, PY74In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029223Burnt UmberBurnt Umber 29.5 mlPBk7, PR112, PY83In stock28.50 Lei
FL160029554Red EarthRed Earth 29.5 mlPV74, PY3, PR112, PBk7In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029222Antelope BrownAntelope Brown 29.5 mlPBk7, PR112, PY83In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029251SepiaSepia 29.5 mlPBk7, PR112, PY83In stock28.50 Lei
FL160029053Cool GreyCool Grey 29.5 mlPBk7, PW6In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029065Paynes GreyPaynes Grey 29.5 mlPBk7, PB15In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029028BlackBlack 29.5 mlPBk7In stock28.50 Lei
FL160029702Silver ImitSilver Imit 29.5 mlPM1In stock28.50 Lei
FL160029701Gold ImitGold Imit 29.5 mlPW6, PBk7, PW6 + MicaIn stock28.50 Lei
FL160029675Process YellowProcess Yellow 29.5 mlPY3, PY74In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029120 Process Cyan Process Cyan 29.5 mlPB15, PW6In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029412Process MagentaProcess Magenta 29.5 mlPV19In stock28.00 Lei
FL160029713Shimmering RedShimmering Red 29.5 mlPW6 + MicaIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029711 Shimmering Blue Shimmering Blue 29.5 mlPW6 + MicaIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029714Shimmering GreenShimmering Green 29.5 mlPW6 + MicaIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029709Shimmering GoldShimmering Gold 29.5 mlPW6 + MicaIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029681Fluo YellowFluo Yellow 29.5 mlIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029653Fluo OrangeFluo Orange 29.5 mlIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029544Fluo RedFluo Red 29.5 mlIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029538Fluo PinkFluo Pink 29.5 mlIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029100Fluo BlueFluo Blue 29.5 mlIn stock28.00 Lei
FL160029349Fluo GreenFluo Green 29.5 mlIn stock28.00 Lei

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